First Annual Line Dance Family Reunion

We can sum this up in one word…. WOW!

For our inaugural event, this was totally awesome. We intentionally kept the advertising down and the numbers low to flush out the process. With the first one under our belt we look forward to Florida in 2019!

So, what is the “Line Dance Family Reunion”?

For the past few years Tammy and I have noticed that our dance family is getting older. Retiring. Moving away. We discussed this and thought of different things we can do to come together and celebrate. Celebrate life, celebrate friends & celebrate dance.

Since we like to travel (Tammy runs TMB Let’s Travel) we thought the best course of action would be to take our show “on the road”.

The most recent pair to move away and follow their dreams moved to South Carolina – right on the North Carolina border. Having settled in quite nicely, they found places to dance and awesome restaurants. – the choice was made for our first trip…

Having quite a few of our dance family in other locations, a quick discussion of our plans offered other areas of opportunity. We set our sites on getting the first one under our belt, learning, and growing. We have the location for our second event well in the works!

(Plans for the third and fourth year are already on the drawing board – yes, very exciting…)

Charlotte Highlights – 2018

We do what any family would do – everything and anything!

Tour of Charlotte, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Christening our friends land, Poker tournament, dinners, dancing, Coyote Joe’s, breakfast at the Midnight Diner … and so much more!

We packed a LOT into our 4 day trip. This was in large part to the coordination of Tammy and Mary. They did a great job of planning out the details.

We did miss a few people that could not make it. The damn flu season got one of our peeps.

Truly blessed that we can be a part of something like this. We are looking forward to the “next one” Line Dance Family Reunion 2019 – Florida.

Wishing you all – Peace, Love & Success!
-Dennis & Tammy

~~~ Truly Blessed ~~~

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