Would you like to dance?

It is a very simple question “Would you like to dance”?

The actual words that people use may change a bit, yet many relationships are started with this simple phrase – “Would you like to dance”? It is innocent enough, yet so powerful!

People are just looking to spend a few minutes with other people doing things they love to do. The other person may be in a total different space [relationship wise]. You just never know where it is going to take you… You dance, talk a bit, and then….

This is something I can talk about from experience. My wife, Tammy, and I met through Country Dancing. Our story is unique, yet it is like so many others.

The Barn

I was not really looking for a relationship. I would DJ dances at the Powder Mill Barn, and it was brought up that I should DJ a “country” night.
The owner of the barn, Ralph, suggested I team up with a group that did dances on Tuesday nights.

I went down to the lesson on a Tuesday and met with the instructor Millie. I invited them to join in on my country dance night. Millie asked me if I had ever tried / wanted to do country dancing. I was interested, just couldn’t stay that evening. I promised I would go back the following week.

The next Tuesday was their Halloween party. It just so happened that Millie was teaching a couples dance. This cute little Indian named Tammy asked me if I needed a partner for the lesson and I said “sure”. Little did I know at that time that Tammy was Millie’s daughter, and was also an instructor.

(At this point in time Tammy was so done with men and relationships… the furthest thing on her mind was getting involved with another guy.)

Tammy’s costume had beads all over it which would go flying all around the barn. Being the gentleman that I am I would chase them down for her. During the night we talked… Wasn’t too long and she asked me to go out with her on Saturday, up to Salem Massachusetts and tour that area. It was Halloween after all. – Again, I said “sure”….

That was October of 1994 and the start to what is now over 22 years of marriage. This is the date that “Steps & Sounds” was formed. The combination Tammy’s teaching (Steps) and Dennis DJ (Sounds) – Too cute!

A simple dance class, two people meeting with no other desire than to dance and have fun…

This story takes place MANY times – over and over again. The names, locations and dates may change, yet the theme is consistent.

Michael & Mary – “The Dance”

Although the heroine of the story had been taking country dance lessons for 11 years through Adult Ed classes, a friend said “Hey, I want to go watch country dancing…let’s go out for a drink Friday night.”

The hero of the story does a couple of ‘fly-bys’ and decides to try his luck and asks the ‘filly’ to do the dance lesson with him.

The heroine agrees but whispers to her friend, “OMG, a F-ing cowboy dude!…

And we danced…out there on the empty hardwood floor… the chairs up and the lights turned way down low…music played and we held each other close…and we danced.  And from that moment, there was never any doubt…we’d found the one that we had always dreamed about…and we danced.  Through the years,  through all of life’s ups and down,  our dance continues to be our joy… our glue.. our passion.  The countless places we’ve danced… the amazing group of friends we’ve met along the way…. Life is too short to sit it out…Choose to dance!!

Diane & Ed – Same story, different perspective

Not every chance encounter starts off in a budding romance. Some times it takes a little while. Here is another story from Diane and Ed. They both share “their side”.

Diane’s Story – I was at a turning point in my life. I had been in a long term relationship that suddenly was over and I felt kind of lost. My daughter had been after me to return to one of my passions – dancing, so I decided to give it a try. For me, life changes while dancing… the energy, the smiles, the laughter, is all so invigorating.  It takes away any walls I put up and opens me to new possibilities… which led to me meeting another dancer, who was in a similar situation as I was.  Over time we danced, we talked and we learned of our common interests and backgrounds.  I never would have met this wonderful man, who is now the love of my life, if I hadn’t returned to dancing!

Ed’s Story – So I arrived at the Cadillac Ranch one Saturday night in December of 2010 a little after the couple’s lesson started, it was actually a west coast swing lesson with Jim and Shelly, if you remember them.

I walked in and standing against the wall next to the Corral was Diane, minding her own business, so I walked up to her and asked if she wanted to take the lesson. She agreed, we took the lesson, I noticed a diamond on the left hand ring finger, we talked a little, and I already knew her daughter, Jessie, from being at the ranch before.

Diane didn’t know any partner dances, but told me she had been dancing for many years with this lady named Millie, and of course, I knew her as well and we had something in common.

So that was the end of it and I didn’t think too much about it.  Then a couple of months later, in February 2011, I was dancing a partner dance at the Ranch again, coming around the left side of the stage, and who do I see standing there but Diane, I took a double take, and after the dance went over to her and said, “Hey I remember you”, we started talking again, did a  couple of partner dances, and I noticed the ring was gone ( aha, good news for me! ).

We talked again about Millie’s dances, they were still at the Polish Club in Windsor Locks at the time, and I said I would probably go.  I showed up on Sunday night, and Diane was there with a neighbor, we talked again, danced, and during the week, I asked her to lunch the next Sunday, we went to lunch at Bertucci’s in Manchester, ( we met there, it wasn’t really a date ), had a nice lunch, I walked her to her car, being the shy guy that I am, and as I was about to close her door, I leaned in, planted a big kiss on her, and as the song says, ” it felt good on my lips”, we scheduled a real date after that and the rest, so to speak, is history!

I love our story, and if it wasn’t for dancing, where would we be today?  It’s truly a rare thing to meet someone at our ages who are so compatible and are able to share this final chapter of our lives together.  We are very blessed.

There are MANY stories just like these. People getting together for Music – Dance – Life!

You can see the locations change yet the stories are similar: A barn, Adult Education Classes, local watering hole, an instructor’s weekly dance class…

Check out a local dance lesson!

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Only one question remains: “Would you like to dance?

Peace, Love & Success,
-Dennis & Tammy

Do you have a story to share? Please let me know… I will be happy to add to another post and help spread the joys of dance. You can send your story to me at dennis@stepsandsounds.com


  1. Brandon S. on March 18, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Dennis! I think this is such a great thing you’ve started here. There are so many people out there who I think dance can certainly bring together. The stories above are great. I can’t wait too see this get filled with more stories of happiness

    • Dennis Bosse on March 18, 2019 at 10:43 pm

      Thanks Brandon…

      I know quite a few who have similar stories! Another few are already in the works!

      Peace & Love,

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