Would you like to dance?

It is a very simple question “Would you like to dance”? The actual words that people use may change a bit, yet many relationships are started with this simple phrase – “Would you like to dance”? It is innocent enough, yet so powerful! People are just looking to spend a few minutes with other people…

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Wedding Vows

You should take your time when deciding on your wedding vows and personalize them to suit you and your partner and don’t be influenced by what other people expect you to do.

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Wedding Songs

Steps and Sounds - Connecticut wedding dj - bridal couple - wedding songs

The choice of your wedding song is very important as this is something that will continue to bring back memories of the happy day for years to come each time that you hear the song played.

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Need to hire a DJ?

Steps and Sounds - Connecticut wedding dj - bridal couple - first dance

The big event is coming soon. In looking for your entertainment, you have decided on hiring a DJ, what next? – You need to hire a DJ! Top 12 questions!

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New DJ Booth!

Steps and Sounds - New DJ Booth - Facade

Facade and table together as one!   Finally got the sign back from the printers..  looking sharp! Logo by: King and Sons Printing by: Fast Signs – Manchester, CT Here is a quick video of the end result!

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Holiday Buffet Dinner Dance

M&G - End of year pot luck - December 30 - 2017

Back by popular demand… Millie & the Gang’s end of year Holiday Buffet dinner dance! December 30th 6:30 – 11:00 Pot Luck Dinner Buffet @ 7:00 Door Prizes – 50/50 Raffle BYOB Location Tickets will be available at the door. For more information please contact Millie – (860) 623-3028 Website or email

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Line Dance Family Reunion 2018

As time goes on – our friends are growing up and moving away… <sad>… Why not have a “Family Reunion” ??  <happy!> Yes, we are doing it!!  A Line Dance Family Reunion! Frebruary 8th – 11th (also the 8th for those that want to head down early). This is the “First Annual” – yes, already…

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